by | Feb 7, 2017

Don’t try to stand out from the crowd

“Successful transformations reframe the problem that makes the solution possible.  They erase existing boundaries and start from scratch.” – Malcolm Gladwell


Many times we hear from our stations about the need to help position their news products to clients that won’t consider them since they are not the number one news station in the market.  Why not try to reframe the problem, as suggested by Mr. Gladwell?

One way to reframe the problem is by looking at your exclusive news viewership – people who watch only your newscasts and not the competitions’.  By showing the amount of people missed by not buying your station, you can begin to reposition their stance of not including you.


Here is an example from a station in the Southeast;

You can convince them further by highlighting the “Plan to” people also overlooked by not buying your news;

Future Purchase 12 Months
Within the next 12 months, do you anticipate on purchasing or doing any of the following…?

To put it simply…