by | Jan 25, 2019

MyMarshall Mapping

a telescope & a microscope

Believe it or not, there is debate over the person that invented the telescope.  Galileo, the Italian astronomer in the 1500-1600’s, used a telescope he built to see mountains on the moon, light from the Milky Way, and to discover 4 of Jupiter’s moons. 

However, Galileo’s telescope wasn’t the first.  In 1608, Hans Lipperhey, a Dutch spectacle maker filed the first patent for a tube with two lenses that could magnify objects by 3x.  Galileo, being the overachiever that he was, heard of the patent and built a telescope that could magnify objects 10x without ever seeing a prototype.  Lipperhey is also credited with the invention of the microscope.  It makes one wonder if Lipperhey reasoned to himself, “If I can build a device that can make things very far away look closer, can I build a device that makes very small things look big?”  (No one is sure if he wondered that, but it could have happened.)  Well, it turns out that he could.

Making things closer and small things bigger is something an AE must do every day.  The television “device” is a telescope that can go far and wide to build awareness and response while the digital “device” is the microscope that looks deep into the market to create big business out of what might seem to be something small.

The Marshall Marketing mapping “device” does both

At a southern Marshall station, a business that specializes in financial planning is wanting to expand its customer base while also capturing as many customers as possible close to its main office. 

These are the services the company can help customers plan for financially.

In the next 12 months, which of the following will you consider?

High Index

This is a telescope view of the market potential. The client’s main office is in the center of the 15-mile radius.

Revising or creating a retirement plan for investments

On the map above, the concentration of potential customers by ZIP codes is color coded.  Red has the highest concentration and dark blue has the lowest concentration.

This is a microscope view of the customers within the 15-mile radius:

Revising or creating a retirement plan for investments

The GEO feature in MyMarshallSoftware is also a great way to use the microscope to look even deeper.

This data table displays two very important things. The overall population within the radius and the zip codes that have the highest number of customers.  While 71111 has the highest population, it has a very low number of potential clients.  An AE can use this to pinpoint areas to reach digitally.  It’s an ever-changing world out there and it requires an AE to show a client how to reach far and wide while at the same time hitting customers close to home to increase business