by | Nov 11, 2019

Furniture Executives Learn From Marshall Marketing

How To “Be Right”


This week in High Point, NC the weather is cooling, the leaves are changing, and the streets are now less crowded, which differs from a few weeks ago.  In the middle of October, 75,000 furniture industry executives crammed into the town for the Fall 2019 Furniture Show.

Among the 75,000 people were Jim Filippi and Kat Savage of Marshall Marketing.  As guests of the Home Furnishing Association, they hosted a seminar on how to reach the right customer, with the right message, using the right media for furniture store operators.

    The feedback Jim and Kat heard from furniture folks are:

    • They feel overwhelmed by media sellers
    • Furniture Industry leaders are advocating cutting TV and other traditional media for OTT and digital advertising
    • They do not understand OTT
    • Media sellers are lacking in knowledge about OTT
    • Ad campaigns that incorporate OTT into the media mix either don’t work or don’t make a perceivable difference from past campaigns

    Marshall Marketing is built on the fact that every market is different, every market has its own nuances, and every market needs customized research to help advertisers reach the right customer, with the right message, using the right media.

    If an advertiser wants to implement OTT into the media mix, the first thing to do is to determine,

     How big is the universe for OTT users?

    In this Marshall Marketing market, 18.1% of consumers are receiving video ONLY through an antenna or a streaming device. When combining cable and satellite users that also stream video, the OTT universe is 53.7%.

    The OTT only user along with the Satellite and Streaming user index younger than the cable user

    * Streaming Video Total Universe = HH with cable, satellite or antenna that also stream

    The OTT only user has higher incomes

    * Streaming Video Total Universe = HH with cable, satellite or antenna that also stream


    Finally, do these consumers have different buying profiles?

    Furniture Planning To Purchase

    The OTT user is less likely to make a furniture purchase while the total universe of streaming consumers is more likely to make a furniture purchase.

    The furniture folks that media sellers meet every day are first and foremost furniture folks.  They get advice from the furniture industry, they hear pitches from numerous media sellers, and sometimes they end up with more questions than answers.

    The answers come from the local data that is in Marshall Marketing.  Make sure to use the data to spot differences in OTT users compared to Cable and Satellite users.  Dig deep in the data to find out which messages will work and then matching it up with the right customer and right media.

    Then the next step is to track the progress, either bad or good.  If the furniture owner shifts dollars out of TV and into OTT and digital, Marshall Marketing data will determine if it impacts future consumer behavior in terms of awareness and shopping choices.  The store operator will be able to monitor customer visits and sales.  What the store owner can’t track is awareness and future shop share.  That’s what Marshall Marketing provides.


    In other words… Be Right!